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Welcome to Our Testimonials Page !

Here you can either post your opinion about your experience with us or read other customers comments. We hope you will find this page useful and enjoyable.

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Customers Review

My chanel bag arrived very quickly and I am so pleased with the quality of it! Will definitely be buying more very soon!
Posted by:  Amy on:  2016-10-19 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
Purse valley always deliver. I have had some hiccups with my orders and they are always corrected. My better half loves that she can buy the exact purse which is in the store for a 1/4 of the price. I also love that I can buy a watch or 5 for a very reasonable price. I will continue to support this company because they just rock! Thanks Meagan for amazing customer service!!!
Posted by:  Marq on:  2016-08-22 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
I have ordered a couple of times from purse valley and I LOVE their products!! I tend to order mostly Louis products and they really do look AND feel like the real thing! My bags have even fooled the staff in the Louis store and other avid high end purse sales people!! I will ONLY order my Louis bags from purse valley as long as they are up and running! I love, love, love them!! Thank you for providing such wonderful products and customer service!!
Posted by:  Jennipher on:  2016-06-29 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
My LV is perfect. I absolutely love the quality. The customer service was great too. My daughter wants to get one now too. Worth revelry penny. Thanks!
Posted by:  Colleen on:  2016-05-01 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
This was a Christmas gift for our daughter. once she had opened it. she loved the purse. and kept saying that this was her. it arrived safely.and on time for a wonderful Christmas gift. This is the 2nd time i had ordered from purse valley and was very much satisfied. Thank you purse valley
Posted by:  Karl on:  2015-12-15 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
Lovely products and excellent customer service.
Posted by:  Deborah on:  2015-11-10 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
Great seller very reliable shipments are fast and so far very safe. Their products are of good quality although to be replicas are very expensive, they should put the most competitive prices. In total, the evaluation is good.
Posted by:  Ivan Messina on:  2015-09-07 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
I have made multiple purchases and they have always done a great job. Good quality, good price, good communication. I am very happy with this company.
Posted by:  Christopher on:  2015-06-25 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
779 - great celine bag, looks just like the original. fast delivery too, thanks so much.
Posted by:  Laura on:  2014-05-17 Rating:  4 Stars Rating
Brilliant hermes handbag, I cant wait to buy again thanks.
Posted by:  Noora on:  2014-05-03 Rating:  4 Stars Rating
Beautiful watch, thank you.
Posted by:  Sarah on:  2014-04-28 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
Amazing LV bag, thank you.
Posted by:  Mary on:  2014-03-30 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
beautiful bag, will buy again.
Posted by:  jill on:  2014-03-25 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
Excellent watch, looks just like the original thank you.
Posted by:  david on:  2014-03-25 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
My shoes arrived today, they look perfect. I will be returning soon for sure. Very very pleased.
Posted by:  Rita on:  2013-07-21 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
Amazing watch, it looks perfect. Very pleased, and will be purchasing more items very soon :)
Posted by:  Tina on:  2013-07-10 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
excellent handbag and excellent customer service, will return again.
Posted by:  Noora on:  2013-05-01 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
trop contente !!!!!!
Posted by:  SEVESTRE on:  2013-05-01 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
My daughter and I have order about 30 handbags from you in the last 2 years, we have been satisfied most all the time. A couple of times the zipper was messed up on one,and threading on another which is disappointing because it is a hassle to send back.
Posted by:  cathy on:  2013-05-01 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
I love the purses and watches-nobody can tell they are not real.I will always order often.Great company and helpful nice people.
Posted by:  Jamie/Jenny on:  2013-05-01 Rating:  5 Stars Rating
Thank you so much! I really loved my purses, they are very well made.
Posted by:  MarianSchech on:  2013-05-01 Rating:  5 Stars Rating