Replica Watches: Your Stylish Budget Timepiece

Posted By: admin| on: February 2, 2015


It is said that every successful person has to own an expensive and finely made timepiece as a symbol of his or her stature. Sure enough, the wristwatch has come to symbolize prestige, wealth, and influence rather than just a means to tell time. Today, it is the dream of practically everybody to own that much-coveted luxury watch from brands such as Rolex, Breitling, and Hublot.


These global brands, which have become synonymous with wealth and power, started in the late 1800s and early 1900s — a time when wristwatches were not very popular yet. The founders of these Swiss companies believed that wristwatches were the timepieces of the future — if only they could be made more reliable than their state during that time.


This led to the birth of luxury wristwatches. The companies embarked on a rigorous and thorough research to achieve complete precision in wristwatches. Their efforts were rewarded with the Swiss Certificate for Chronometric Precision in the early 1900s. Since then, wristwatches have been the preferred timepiece all over the world.


Today, everybody dreams of wearing a Swiss-made watch. However, the price tag makes this dream quite difficult to realize. Not everybody can afford these brands. They are luxury items that come with a steep price.


So what would the regular Joe or Jane do in this situation? The logical answer would be to look for replica watches. For your peace of mind, replicas are not necessarily the stuff that involves illegal trade. The replicas are rather legal and they are produced as a tribute to the original timepiece. Better yet, replicas do not cost as much as the original one. This is because you only pay for the actual production cost as the cost of research and development has already been covered in the initial sales of the authentic models. That is why replicas would come way later after the original design has been launched. If you want to be trendy and get the latest timepieces designed by Rolex, for example, the replica Rolex will not be for you. You can have it by the time your rich friends have gotten bored with theirs. Nevertheless, the replicas are the next best thing to the original. So why should one complain?


Another reason replicas — such as the replica Breitling — do not cost as much the original is that manufacturers have whittled down some materials to be able to produce at a lower cost. If, for example, the originals have diamond stones embedded on the face of the watch, these are replaced with other gems of lesser value in the replicas. You need not worry because even if the materials are not like those of the original, you get the same precision and durability that is known among Swiss watches. The bracelets and the face of the watch are pretty much the same as the original. You can also bet that the mechanism inside the watch, which makes the hands flow, are pretty much similar to the original Swiss watch.


While a Hublot replica may be legitimate and gives you the same guarantee of quality and durability, it is advisable that you look out for fake timepieces when trying to buy replica Swiss watches. Several fake wristwatches abound in stores and on the Internet. While counterfeiting used to be a cottage industry, it is now a crime syndicate with sophisticated tools. Each day, it is becoming harder and harder for consumers to differentiate between a replica and a fake.


As a guide, here are some things you need to pay attention to when shopping for replica Swiss watches.


First, the glass face of a replica Rolex is made of a sapphire crystal that can only be scratched by a diamond. Thus, a replica will never get scratches even with constant use whereas a fake one will surely be full of scratches after a few months of abuse. If you are able to do so, try scratching the glass face when checking out a replica. (Do make sure that you will not be charged should you happen to scratch a fake wristwatch.) However, you cannot do this if you are buying online. A money-back guarantee can be your best protection when it comes to this situation.


Second, Swiss watches are known for their precision and superb craftsmanship. A Rolex replica should have hands that move smoothly, as if they are flowing. A jerky minute hand is a sign that what you have is a fake. Even while manufacturers have made it their job to imitate the original as best as they can, it is this aspect with the hands that they have not yet found a solution for to this day.


Third, replica watches will have a hologram-encoded sticker on the back of the watch. They also bear a unique reference number and above such number is another hologram of the brand’s logo. Fake ones may also have these stickers but they are fake holograms such that they do not change appearance when viewed from a different angle.


It’s a fact that fake Swiss watch manufacturers are getting better each day in terms of imitating the original. So when in doubt, you have no other choice but to open the back of the watch. If you are buying from a real replica watches distributor, they would only be too happy to do this for you. There are also models that have transparent back covers to let you see the real wonders happening inside a wristwatch.


The Internet is teeming with sellers that claim to be selling authentic replica watches. To avoid being swindled, make sure that you check the website and see if it has a credible reputation when it comes to online selling. When buying from known sites such as eBay, check the seller’s ratings and read some of the latest feedbacks. This will give you an idea how satisfied the buyers are. Also look for a money-back guarantee as this is your surest way of knowing if they sell authentic goods or not.